Services – What we can do for you

WHO – Who are “we”?
“We” are a informal small cloud of people, a facilitation team of volunteers. See the page Contact+Team !

WHAT – We believe in the power of bridging
We are united in the belief of the “power of bridging”. Bridging means to connect the (separated) networks and cultures. Network theory and Social Capital theory alike show how powerful it is to be a bridge, a boundary spanner – compared with too much “sticking to your familiar, wellknown network”.

WHY – Concrete benefits of bridging for your initiative or project

  • New relevant and sustainable contacts
  • New knowhow in exchange
  • New partners and supporters can be found for your project
  • Broader visibility is building awareness for your cause

Evident: The more we live in a network society (Manuel Castells) or even in a globally interdependent world network society, the more knowledge, skills and practice you should have in network activities, locally and virtually.

Bridging Service A: “Hangouts for Engagement”
Currently we facilitate Google+ hangouts to foster exchange around a topic field or to connect a topic or geographical region with the world.


Bridging Service B: Go Glocal – “Global Visibility for Local Events”
Glocal = global-local, events are a great thing, since

  • the local community/gathering is empowered by the global audience watching, and
  • the global audience is inspired by the local talks and activities.

While the technical part of video conferencing is rather trivial today, it is not that easy to send out sparks into the social networks. Here we are – the Living Bridges Planet community is open-minded, curious and supportive. The facilitation team is connecting the spaces and the energies  🙂


What is a “glocal event”?
More info about the purpose and process design of a glocal event –
No time? you can browse through it, need not listen:



Find inspiring talks, example of bridgers, practical how-to. Please click on the image or here, to go to the overview of our playlists.


Need more background?
To understand the context and purpose of Living Bridges Planet and a bit of the “social capital theory”, which is an inspiring element of our bridging culture.



Want to listen instead of reading the page? ->

[faciliteam – author:ws]

2 thoughts on “Services – What we can do for you

  1. This is a dream come true.
    For us at Complitkenya a community based organization seeking to open up rural areas of Kenya through ICT, how else can we do it than through such a forum.
    Am thrilled, excited to go “Glocal”

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