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#1 The Nordics go SOCAP14 and Beyond – Kevin Jones

Nordics go SOCAP! Flyer at bottom shows the stations until the arrival at SOCAP14 in San Francisco. Here is the first webinar in the series.

Kevin Jones – Co-founder & Convener, Social Capital Markets

Kevin Jones creates information businesses inside emerging markets. He believes that markets emerge in conversation, as people try to explain and understand value. But this market is not like others he’s been in, and that’s what makes it more interesting and more important. … Read more




Living Bridges Talk SEP 2013 – From Oslo to San Francisco

Google hangout with a wide scope – from Fukushima trouble to grounded visioning

  • Understanding your dreams and wishes is a beginning … I picked that moments, you see …
  • When I viewed again I have been inspired by the 50th anniversery of Martin Luther Kings famous speech “I have a dream” for this “image collage of (visionary) dreamers”
  • Unfortunately the local wifi in San Francisco was over capacity – we did have only a short connection to Bert-Ola, who right now is attending the Social Capital Markets Conference socap13.socialcapitalmarkets.net.





  • Bert-Ola Bergstrand at #SOCAP13 [only short, due to technical problems]
  • Anne Kjær Riechert – Kids Have a Dream …
  • like Carlos she was there, when the disaster happened
  • how to build networks which can tackle with complex issues
  • Bitten Schei – Mother Courage + Girls Have A Dream
  • 14th Sept – Workshop
  • Michael Hartsell – Asian Inst.
  • Fukushima
  • Amartya Sen – The Idea of Justice – also public reasoning – public diplomacy
  • his Nobel in Economics was on Welfare Econ
  • There is a Social Innovation Youth Camp in Seoul, Oct. 4-6 – The Asia Institute will be there with the topic on Fukushima for youth dialogues
  • event: SEP 7th – map sprint
  • join to support
  • CANCELLED – Robert Axelson, Knowledge and collaboration for Sustainable Landscapes
  • CANCELLED – Faruq Hunter – Geeks Gone Global


Foreign Policy in Focus article on Fukushima


Core 77: Geiger counter readings around Japan


Impact Japan from Anne’


http://www.galaxyzoo.org/ (crowd project)

To understand how galaxies formed we need your help to classify them according to their shapes.