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Impact Journey 2015

Living Bridges Planet process in 2015
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The Impact Journey and Neighborhood Economics – Nov. 07, 2014 – hangout

Debate / webinar


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Link to the comment thread on facebook related to the hangout: facebook.com/events/1516083218623012/permalink/1551382115093122/

Event page: Join the Impact Journey and Amplify the Good Economy –

#1 The Nordics go SOCAP14 and Beyond – Kevin Jones

Nordics go SOCAP! Flyer at bottom shows the stations until the arrival at SOCAP14 in San Francisco. Here is the first webinar in the series.

Kevin Jones – Co-founder & Convener, Social Capital Markets

Kevin Jones creates information businesses inside emerging markets. He believes that markets emerge in conversation, as people try to explain and understand value. But this market is not like others he’s been in, and that’s what makes it more interesting and more important. … Read more