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Near Future Education Lab – Bridging Education & Commons

Some Living Bridges facilitators have been supportive and participatory in the process of Near Future Education Lab. Here is the beginning of the blogpost from artisopensource.net:

Some days have passed since the Education is a Commons event, and a summary is needed to be able to have an overview of the scenario which is opening up before our eyes, and about the single most important fact which emerged fro the whole event:Now is the Time to start re-thinking the education system!

First of all: participation. People from 5 continents joined in for an entire week of discussion, representing individuals, organizations, universities, companies, associations, activist groups and, obviously, education hackers from all over the planet.

the final hangout:

Here are some useful links:



Please read the other parts of the blogpost here: http://www.artisopensource.net/network/artisopensource/2014/06/13/summary-of-the-planetary-event-for-the-future-of-education/ 





Glocal Future event Vuollerim – DEC-14 2012

Glocal Future event Vuollerim – December 14th 2012

Continuous action for vital local societies!

Download the program as PDF (new version 2012c).

After the (livestreamed) workshop there will be a broadcasted G+ hangout (“On Air”) with great Living Bridges guests.


DOWNLOAD PDF - FLYER Glocal Future event Vuollerim Dec-14 2012 cx

Welcome to this event with focus on Future, by looking into local actions of today. 

There will be two parts during the day.

Starting time 9 o´clock am.

Part 1 – Examples
Interactive part with sharing examples of local actions.

Common factors that makes local actions increase in both numbers and strength.


Part 2 – Common ground

Workshop discussing common ground for continuous local actions for vital societies!

Closing time 4 o’clock pm


Broadcast / sharing / conversation

Streaming live with Bambuser. 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm local time, GMT+1

Link: http://bambuser.com/channel/Glocal_Future

Twitter hashtag: #glocalfuture

Tweet chat to engage in conversation: http://tweetchat.com/room/glocalfuture

More event information: https://www.facebook.com/GlocalFuture

Local house jumping dinner at villagers homes starting time 6 o´clock am.


After event – Living Bridges Talk

After event. Starting time evening  8:30 to 10 GT+1

Summarizing and livestream event. Google hangout (on air = broadcast) together with SCF Gothenburg and SCWF global.

Livestream link will be posted on http://scwf12.wordpress.com/livestream/ and on LBP facebook group.

Twitter hashtag: #glocalfuture

Tweet chat / questions: http://tweetchat.com/room/glocalfuture

Guests of Living Bridges Talk

Servane Mouazan – OGUNTE network

“I love helping women social innovators to be more influential and better connected. I have founded Oguntê and the Global Tribal Network, to prove that women can solve pressing social & environmental issues and create commercial opportunities at the same time, when given more skills and space to do so. highlight and the mission of our organisation.”

Jennifer Sertl – Agility3R

Jennifer Sertl is a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness – the convergence of neuroscience and existential Philosophy fostering inspiration and subsequently creating strategic advantage and enhancing value. She is an internationally respected author, keynote speaker and the president and founder of Agility3R.

Slavica Bogdanov – Wechangeworlds

Slavica Bogdanov will be speaking about the launch of wechangeworlds.com, a website dedicated in broadcasting worldwide good news about children making a difference. Its mid term goal is to open the minds of parents to let their children be leaders of world change and innovation and increase consciousness about animal protection (we are all the same “children”). The long term goal is to facilitate world communication between children who want to make a difference and help them get organized both globally and locally.

Philippe Greier – Playmakers Industries

Presente! is a global movement. Philippe is part of it. We are a bunch of enthusiastic superheros from 14 countries traveling to play an education (r)evolution. We play for higher inclusion and a stronger participation of our younger and older generations. We love unconventional approaches and crazy adventures by following that playful mindset we experience different ways of the next generation in education in order to explore different ways to solve our daily challenges.

Giorgio Bertini

Founder and Director at Learning Change Project … on action learning systemic change. Supporting self-organized small groups into discovery and dialogical action learning, with a free and open access to a large 8 blogs library, developed during 7 years working on action oriented research within a large set of disciplines, needed to understand changes in our complex world, going into the weaving of society, culture, critical thinking, complexity, systems, rhizomes, networks, self-organization, creativity, innovation, sustainability, futures, and much more.

Kevin O’Malley and Christie Dames – Techtalk studio

– Kevin O’Malley

With an international background in cross-cultural communications and linguistics, Kevin applies unique training and coaching skills and partnership building to the world of corporate speaking and events. His approach successfully brings disciplines such as deconstruction and semiotics into executive development and face to face interactions with targeted audiences.

– Christie Dames

As founder and developer of the Niehaus Ryan Wong, Inc. Speakers Bureau, Dames created the first speakers bureau ever dedicated to strategically placing leaders and visionaries before rapidly growing audiences in the new and evolving technology arena. Her vision opened new doors in the conference industry by bringing tech speakers to the forefront through innovative settings, in-depth research methods, creative collateral materials, broad-based audience appeal and strategic speaker development.




Workshop about exploring experiences and possibilities for vital local societies as a start for the upcoming Glocal Future conference in April 2013.

Local initiatives – global effects

What characterizes a sustainable local engagement?

Exchange of experience.
This is the main issue to find a common base December 14th.

Conference: 400 SEK per person including coffee and lunch.

Conference package: 1.775 SEK per person including conference, “house jumping dinner” party with the locals in their homes, hotel one night with breakfast in double occupancy.

Conference: 97an conference building in Vuollerim

Possibility to visit local initiative in reality Monday 17th. Join the Arctic and stay at the Blue Light Festival December 15th to 17th

More information

Anders Y Larsson, Glocal Future

+46 70 646 0978

Audun Otterbech

+46 70 660 1166


Contact person

Eva-Lena Skalstad

+46 976 10030



Location / directions

Vuollerim is situated along the world heritage road, road 97, 90 km north of Boden.

A vivid place where the great rivers meet, in the heart of Swedish Lapland belongs the Arctic Circle.  Between Treehotel (40 minutes south) and Jokkmokk, Sami Culture Center (40 minutes north)


Lat: N 66º 25.871, Long: E 020º 37.046

Train station: Murjek, 14km, Overnight train from Stockholm and Gothenburg

Airport: Lulea Airport, just 1 hour flying time from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

We can arrange transfer from either the train station or Airport.


Video channels

Livestream 1 – day: http://bambuser.com/channel/Glocal_Future

Livestream 2 – evening: http://scwf12.wordpress.com/livestream/
More videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/laplandvuollerim

Image source of first picture: http://dreamups.org/wow-grassroots/

Facilitators of glocal-virtual bridging: https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingbridgesplanet/ @ContChange @wschroll