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The Impact Journey and Neighborhood Economics – Nov. 07, 2014 – hangout

Debate / webinar


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Link to the comment thread on facebook related to the hangout: facebook.com/events/1516083218623012/permalink/1551382115093122/

Event page: Join the Impact Journey and Amplify the Good Economy –


The Great Currency Debate – With awesome guests

Google+ hangout was hosted by Caroline Smalley, 14th July, 2014. Living Bridges Planet facilitation team was proud to support with some pointing the event.

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Thank you Caroline for the in depth preperation, mindful moderation. And thank you for the texutal info, that we have copied from your description here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbOyjaGS7SM


During this debate, we’ll take a look at the different types of currencies asking our panel what they each mean to them.

1. Time Banking
2. Cryptocurrencies
3. Barter Systems
4. Community Currencies

What are the challenges they seek to address? What are their limitations? How can the limitations be overcome?

What are their common goals and intentions? Will they continue to operate as separate entities, or will they merge into one?

Finally, what about issues that relate to security? How can we ‘bank’ them for larger investments, such as buying a home? Is there a role for locally produced alternative energy in this? If so, how far off is this and what steps are required?

Michel Bauwens: P2P http://p2pfoundation.net/
Michel Bauwens is a Belgian Peer-to-Peer theorist and an active writer, researcher and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation. Founder of the Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Alternatives, he works in collaboration with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property.

Edgar Kampers: Qoin http://www.qoin.org/
Edgar Kampers is Co-Founder of Qoin. A Dutch not-for-profit focused on setting up and managing both ‘out of the box’ and tailor made currencies, Qoin’s ongoing research helps them to develop new tools and approaches for increasing the impact alternative currencies can create. Edgar has been working as a Community Currency expert since 1993. He is specialised in sustainable economic development, corporate social responsibility, and changing consumer behaviour. Edgar has an MSc degree in Political Science, and worked as Director of NU-spaarpas, researcher at Social Trade organisation (STRO), and manager of the Climate and Economy team at SNM.

Leander Bindewald: http://bit.ly/1phYnZx
Leander Bindewald who manages the international Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project for the Finance and Business Team. Part of this work is managed through UK based NewEconomics.org, which aims to establish greater coherence in theory and practice across this fast developing field of socio-economic tools, support the dissemination and innovation of currency solutions in the public and third sector across Europe, develop an evaluation framework for Complementary and Community Currencies and provide support and training for existing and new currency initiatives.

Scott Nelson: https://dana.io/
Founder of ‘Mindful crowd funding for artists, authors, and activists’, dana.io, when it comes to alternative currencies, Scott Nelson’s expertise rests in the crypto kind. Think Bitcoin.

Matthew Slater
Matthew Slater has been working in community currency accounting systems for six years, and by living as a nomad, has come to know many monetary activists around the world. As co-founder of Community Forge, he helps to maintain nearly 100 LETS and Timebanking web sites.

Caroline Smalley: Co-Founder, http://thecitizensmedia.com/
Moving finance to sustainable economies, The Citizens Media® (CM) is a Global Investment Co-operative that connects and helps fund people and communities designing products and services for increasing their own livelihoods.

Thank you Caroline for the preperation, moderation and the info, that we have copied from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbOyjaGS7SM

Date: 14th July, 2014
Time: 9am PST; 5pm GMT.
Location (G+ hangout): https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cb2vs6mbb8eg0d8f776q6e9d66o

Announcement video




Michel Bauwens – good read: Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy – P2P Foundation


Bitcoin for Good: A Digital Currencies 101 for the Social Sector


LBP – A community in self-empowerment (part 1)

Video content

0. Context question
How can we unleash the huge ressources and the social capital of the Living Bridges Planet community more and more?

1. Challenge
Foster the self-organisation and flow in the community!

2. Solution
Be the commons!
(excourse to the example of everyday commons: kids go sledging and ice skating, the structure of the space is self-organizing – how can we create spaces for facilitation, that function as simple like this?)

3. Conclusion
We have to grow the group awareness about
• self-empowerment
• social capital
• creative ressources

Part 2 will be about more concrete ideas for the self-regulating and -organizing SIA (Social Information Architecture)

Music source
Nadia’s Theme – by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

In three words: People help people
Enjoy that song

/Willi, facilitation team
(This post is a personal view.)

Update 2014-03-11: Added the Birdy video

OSLO – “Celebrating the Future” Join us!

Follow us in the LBP Event group https://www.facebook.com/event/476151112471477/
and on pfchange.org/2013/07/01/celebrating-the-future –
also on our partners pages below.

Twitter Hashtag: #celebratingthefuture
Tweet wall: http://celebratetingthefuture.tweetwally.com/

Come chat with us on #tweetchat http://qub.me/AaNpeS until the google hangout on air is starting!
1) Reception 17-1730 (no livestream)
2) Presentations 1730-1900 (livestream)
3) Break 1900-1945
— tweetchat starts 1910
4) Digital Hangout 1945-2045. (I have spoken to 7-8 people who would like to br part-send you the list in mail)
2045 Next Step.

Register yourself 
Are you a changemaker or facilitator in the domain of “Empowering Youth“? You can participate in a process, that is only starting with the Oslo/glocal event! Get more info and fill the form here on our special page, which is complementing this event blog post: Celebrating the Future – Empowering Youth

Please make the short registration at the conveners page here too:


“Celebrating the Future” – How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment is organized by Partnership for Change in co-operation with Living Bridges Planet and Mother Courage.

This event will take place in Oslo, Olav Selvaags plass 4. 2.Etg, Tjuvholmen, Norway. At the same time, you can follow and interact with the event from the Living Bridges Planet platform.

The topic “Celebrating the Future” – How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment was chosen to give the audience locally and globally new insights in how to work with this pressing challenge.

Norway, with the strong dynamics and flair of Oslo and with Notoddens 100 year’s celebration, is a great place to take on this topic. Notodden, a city west of Oslo was the criddle of the industrial company Hydro:
hydro.com/en/About-Hydro/Our-history/, and thus a great story from
the Industrial revolution that transformed Norway and influenced many parts of the world.

Today is Notodden, Oslo and other places around the world challenged with how to solve
questions of empowerment of youth and take the step into the creative society of the 21st century. Our event intends to take steps in pointing out a direction for the future.

Partners involved in the organization of the event:

Partnership for Changepfchange.org
Mother Couragemothercourage.no
Mama Wa Miti; mamawamiti.com
Innovation Forum Norway: innovationforum.no
Relay Foundation; www.relayfoundation.org
Living Bridges Planet; FB – www.facebook.com/groups/livingbridgesplanet
Geeks gone Global; geeksgoneglobal.com



Preliminary program for today/evening

Livestream starts approximately 1730 (CEST, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris). Link to livestream will be shared here and on the event page/Social Media sites and partner sites.

17.30 – 17.45: Introduction by Ingrid Stange, founder and chair of Partnership for Change

17.45 – 19.05: Presentations

Jonas Borchgrevink, Partnership for Change – The release of Marte Deborah Dalelv

Bitten Schei, founder of Mother Corage – Out of your comfort zone

Bruce Wilson – Relay Foundation

Nadia El-Iman – EdgeRyders

Jessica Norrby, founder of Mama Wa Miti – How to interact with the youth

Truls Berg – Innovation Forum Norway


Digital Panel – New link will be provided here at the event page to follow Livestream Hangout.

19.45 – 20.45: Digital Panel (Google Hangout – Preliminary)

Anne Kjaer Riechert, Kids Have a Dream, Germany

Leila Pais de Miranda, Moleque de Ideias, Brazil

Rehan Allawhala. One Million Business and Rehan School, Pakistan

Renate Lukjanska, Social Innovation Center, Latvia

Sarah Nyangena, Tidsnätverket- International Youth Camp, Sweden

Michael L Hartsell, P2P Foundation and the Asia Institute, Thailand

Fatim-Zhara Biaz, New Work Lab, Morroco

Cynthia La Grou, Compathos Foundation, USA

END for today, but more to come…

Listen to one of the speakers of the event, Bruce Matthew Wilson, the founder of the Relay Foundation

‘Bridging Africa’ at a screen near you. Join us

(Image: roosevelt.edu)
(Image: roosevelt.edu)

This June we extend our ‘Bridging Africa’ series, after the overwhelming interest and keenness by the global community to learn more about Africa’s innovation space and its agents of change. Sign up for the hangout sessions on June 5, 12, 19 and 23.

Here’s a recap from the Africa hangouts this May, where entrepreneurs as part of Geeks gone Global Africa tour showed the global community how they are changing the continent for the better. From Dakar Senegal to Johannesburg & Cape Town South Africa to Nairobi Kenya and Cairo Egypt, many from the global community followed this exciting journey.

There were some great hangout sessions too, while a couple of others couldn’t take place due to infrastructural challenges. Well, the echoes, video outages and the ensuing frustration with the technical glitches, all reflect the world today and amidst these, the tremendous opportunities we have. At Living Bridges Planet we are forever in beta (=learning), and in moving ahead with ongoing and dynamic experiences from global communities.

The recent Africa series of hangouts has given us many a profound learning through interactions with passionate entrepreneurs from across Africa as well as from other parts of world. Here’s more on some of our recent hangout sessions.

The inaugural Pitch Africa session hangout had entrepreneurs get together in Dakar Senegal on May 6th, sharing backgrounds and discussing ideas they are working on. Candid conversations and the passion behind some dream projects were evident during the session.

The next Hangout was held in Johannesburg on May 8th, where the participants were privy to understanding how the innovation hub in South Africa was buzzing with ideas and progress. The dialogue also revealed, as a fellow living-bridge planet member Anna Blume put it, ‘the painstaking and persistent effort to remove all obstacles that obscure our common humanity’. Here’s more:

We also had an Africa roundup session on May 29th, with some straight-talking and inspiration from the participants. In Faruq Hunter‘s words ‘The bridge that has to be made is a bridge of spirit’, something that epitomizes what we the global community are truly capable of. Listen in:

There is a lot of excitement and opportunity in Africa. Learn more during the upcoming hangout sessions. See you there!


LBTalk 2013-06-05 – Bridging Africa #2

Mind Map for more information about the talk