SCWF 2012

Basic aim with SCWF12 is to learn and develop social capital in different types of boundaries. Boundaries between global and local, virtual – face to face and rural-urban. The Association Social Capital Forum in Bergsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden is hosting this year’s forum.


On the 15th of March a pre-seminar of the Social Capital World Forum 2012 (SCWF12) took place in Gothenburg Sweden (blogpost). It was the beginning of a process of activities, workshops, seminars, conferences on various topics related to social capital that will end and be celebrated on 3rd of December 2012.

SCWF – An inclusive, participatory platform

An important aspect of the Forum is to involve people from various sectors in society and to make possible for many to attend the process. As a consequence we will work a lot with various social media tools for reducing costs so as many as possible can benefit from the shared knowledge that will be produced over the coming months. Moreover, the common experience from this year’s SCWF12 will in the end result in a creative common product.

Working logic – Who will attend the SCWF12

In the coming months there will be activities related to social capital that will take place in many places around the world. To give a few examples SCWF12 will connect to SEED Forum in Nairobi in June, Micro finance seminars in the Nordic countries in autumn, Castle Camp on social entrepreneurship and finance in Germany in April, Cultural Entrepreneurship – Ethics and Health in June and Gothia Cup in Gothenburg (the World’s biggest football/Soccer tournament). At each occasion unique knowledge about social capital will be produced in different contexts that will feed into the SCWF process on our social media platforms. At the platform there will be possibilities to connect with people who have attended, various activities, thereby also developing social capital across boundaries, new relations but also new projects.

Next step

Our focus right now is to develop a framework for the process ahead. Social Media tools, various partnerships and so forth. Our plan is to have a blog ready with basic information before the 1st of April. Social Media Channels before 1st of May. Registration for the final event of SCWF12, 30th of November to 3rd of December will be open from 1st of August. (Important to stress is that events will take place around the world at the same time, “You can host your own event”. The main event however will be hosted in Bergsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden)

To attend:

One can attend this year’s SCWF12 in a number of ways. For example:

  1. You can arrange for example an activity, workshop-seminar, conference in which the topic of social capital is discussed, developed.
  2. You can be part of the final event in Gothenburg organizing “your activities” and they will be part of the Forum.

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