Get in touch! Find the links to the organisation/networks and all the details on our specific spreadsheet!

The list in alphabetical order:

Angels R & D Pvt Ltd
Aral Pinoy
Basel Institute of Commons and Economics
Bridge Fellows
Change Attention
Coolmeia, Ideias em Cooperação
East West Sanctuary
Education Futures LLC
Emerging Africa Capital
GBTS LLC and Call to Change
ImpactHouse International
Jagriti Yatra
Lapland Vuollerim
Lifelong Learning Foundation, India
leo pamoja N.G.O
Make Change TV
MIT IDEAS Global Challenge
Natural Innovation
P2P Foundation BR
Positive Nett-Works
Provide Public Health
Seed Forum Kenya Foundation
Self Worth Coalition – A Global Initiative
Skandik Afrik
SMLXL / No Straight Lines
SocEnt Lab
Social Enterprise Alliance-Chicago Chapter
Social Innovators & Investors Resource
The Art of Living Foundation Sweden
The Laboratory of New Politeconomy
The NewComm Global Group, INc.
Thrivable Inc
Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
Volunteer for Bangladesh
World Business Dialogue
Yellow Boat Project
YPMMD West Celebes

Do you feel that you fit in here? Then go to the form:

(last update 2012-08-09)

2 thoughts on “Orgs

  1. Love this work! I am a working on the 1st Foundation Center for Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing. We are looking to scale centers to provide access to research, books, management support & training, metrics & business models, enterprise solutions and applications,etc. Goals are to make SE, venture philanthropy, impact investing and sustainability more accessible, scalable, diverse and equitable. Our plan is to launch pilot centers with the help of Earth Island Institute and other partners around the World. I would love to work with some social innovators in Europe to have one pilot center over there as well! We are looking to have the 1st Center in either San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

  2. Super cool Carla! We are extremely busy in the moment, sorry for late reply. Your comment is pushing us into the right direction since we are currently designing the platform for SCWF 2012 – #scwf12. What is most useful for the bridge builders? We might have an extra page/list for “active demand”/”project help” – this is more than the planned page “Activities”. Thank you for that feedback! (Willi)

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