What is a “Living Bridge”?

In our interdependent and hyperconnected world we perceive the growing relevance of trust, reciprocity, glocal engagement – social capital.

What is a “Living Bridge”?
This is best explained by the great example of Zack Matere Lusitche – Get inspired by this video! Each day you can start being a connector and a changemaker! We are currently updating the list alphabetically from the top – come back soon and find much more bridgers!

Are you a “Living Bridge”?
Scroll down and browse in the list of these people, which make a difference, which start a change process and have an impact – with local development project, a social enterprise or initiative.
If you want to be on this list then please first fill out this form: bit.ly/livingbridgesform2 
After some hours or days you will be accessable and findable with your data (a) on this alphabetical speadsheet http://bit.ly/livingbridgesabc

Or visit the growing Facebook group LIVING BRIDGES Planet with 9.500+ members!

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