We are happy if you want to join and support us. There are many ways to join and support the network!

Find on this page:

  • Join the Living Bridges Planet
  • Join organisations/networks
  • Get on our list of active “Living Bridges”
  • Host an event
  • Get the logo – link back
  • Conceptualisation / Visual Meme

Join the Living Bridges Planet
Do you respond to the huge challenges of our time? Are you a changemaker? Are you connecting networks? You are active in social capital development, practicing bridging, reciprocity, building trust?
Please join the Facebook group LIVING BRIDGES Planet (6.400+ as of April 2014) and participate in the exchange of knowledge and practice.
To get some orientation about the growing ecosystem on social media please visit our LIVING BRIDGES Mind Map.
Are you happy to bridge networks and connect worlds and are doing this regularly to change the world, locally or wherever?

  • Go to the list and find out whether you are like our appreciated living bridges role models:  “Living Bridges examples list
  • Fill the form there – we will contact you!

Join organisations/networks list
Please view the page Orgs. Do you feel that you fit in here? Then please go to the form to fill in your data.

Get on our list of active “Living Bridges”
Connect with changemakers, social entrepreneurs, connectors …
Living Bridges

Host an event
Want to be a host? Please contact Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Willi Schroll, Philippe Greier or Inma Vp. It can be moderate level but needs some livestream capacity and interesting and relevant content. Remember we are “grassroots” and we do it for the grassroots. To do it maximum efficient and easy we are preparing a work flow for this in the future.
Our Services

Get logo – link back

Two logo sizes to integrate in your blog or website. Show your support and link to this website or the FB group 215x215px + 120x120px

  • Use the following link to link back to the Facebook group LIVING BRIDGES Planet: (optional shorturl:
  • Use the following url to link back to the “Living Bridges examples list” here on the wordpress site:

Thank you for weaving the network with your action!


Conceptualisation / Visual Meme

Connecting the local and the virtual – Living Bridges Planet (alias the “orbital buddies”)
The images are published under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA ->
Share, spread, embed – use as you like!


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