Facilitating team

The team is an open team, a crowd of volunteers and we hope that you excuse some delay in actuality of our lists on this site. Please approach us best on facebook if you find any mistakes or have proposals. Thank you for comments, ideas and contributions!

Being random, open and supportive
The mindset in a hyperconnexted, globalized world
Watch some inspiring talk of Thomas Power. It fits quite well to understand our mindset in this tiny agile team.


Living Bridges – a deep metaphor
Be inspired by this movie and understand the many facets of the metaphor of “living bridges”

SCF contact data

Social Capital Forum, Gothenburg – Bert-Ola Bergstrand – +46 739 516758

Social Capital Forum, GothenburgDiana Waage – +46 767 681548


3 thoughts on “Contact+Team

  1. Hi Marnita,
    thank you for the comment! We are busy, so sorry that it took some time to react. I checked the prezi and watched this one: Just join here (if you are not) and let’s talk (e.g. connect me or Bert-Ola on FB – Find out whether this platform is of interest, when you check our growing list at (here is the form Other bridgers might learn from the pattern ”table”, how you do it – and about the radio thing. And e.g. we could organize a (maybe “multi-continental”) Google hangout for exchange of some bridgers!

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