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DAY1 • NOV-30 • SCWF 2012 Gothenburg (part 1)

We had a lot of fun! Here is a bunch of the many “living bridgers” that have been meeting in Gothenburg. Left to right: Alexander Dill, Willi Schroll, Rafael Reinehr, Leila País de Miranda, Patricia Mellin, Anni Roolf, Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Philippe Greier, Justo Mendez Aramburu  !!!

We have started the harvesting of the SCWF12 final event.
We will add more contents as they are dropping in. Please go to the tab “SCWF 2012 Gothenburg” in the navigation menue and find the pulldown for videos, photos and more, e.g. Video – Day 1 – NOV-30.


Looking for photos?
Enjoy the photo sets, like that of Patricia Mellin on flickr “Social Capital World Forum 2012 – Sweden
Social Capital World Forum 2012 - Sweden


recording at
See our video pages in the pulldown menue of tab “SCWF 2012 Gothenburg” in the horizontal navigation menue.

Some first entries:

Anders Y Larsson (Glocal Future Vuollerim)

1.45-1.55 in the life-stream on the afternoon.
Local actions – Everyone matters – This can be done anywhere


Marc J Lane

  • How Social Enterprise Policy Becomes Law: Illinois’ Social Capital Initiative – Marc J Lane, Chairman of the Task force for social innovation and entrepreneurship, Illinois state, USA (Skype conversation) + Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Alexander Dill
Alexander Dill

  • Social Capital goes Econometrics – First steps to establish social capital as an indicator, Alexander Dill, Managing director Basel Institute for commons and economics, Switzerland (the short youtube video has been recorded before the event)

Some updates made 2012-12-14


EduLab – Next Gen Education Livestream NOV-02 2012

Let’s connect, share and collaborate with the architects of the next generation of education.
//////////////SAVE THE DATE//////////////

Save the date - EduLab 2012 LiveEducation for the 21st century is challenged into adopting new paradigms, driven by an era of technological revolution that has had a great impact on our society.

We invite 6 – 8 outstanding and innovative examples from all around the world to present and discuss their solutions.

Educational start-ups using new technology, educators building on alternative and reformative education. Individuals and organizations that are bond by the idea of being part of the education (r)evolution.

Via skype connected with people from all around the world. Be part of it!

Join the event here on facebook:

Join the presente! group: 

Like the presente!

Be presente! Let’s play the education (r)evolution.


You might support the Edu on Tour. Visit our crowdfunding site at indiegogo.

Chicago #NextSocEnt – video and impressions

Great cooperation 

Thanks again to

  • Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago)
  • Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • Groupon Grassroots
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Chicago Ideas Week

Special thanks to Sheri Gibson, the Groupon tech team and Living Bridges Planet (Social Capital World Forum) facilitation team making this glocal event about the Next Generation of Social Enterprise possible. Thank you Sheri Gibson for sharing the photos. Material has been taken from photo set

Proof of concept for “connecting the local with the virtual”

The screenshot from the tweetchat feed shows the part of the virtual audience around the globe. This has been a proof of concept for “connecting the local and the virtual” – despite the challenging timezone difference for Europe and Africa (e.g. the Chicago 6:15 pm beginning meant Berlin 1:15 am).

LIVESTREAMING EVENT – Next Generation of Social Enterprise

SEP 13 2012 – CHICAGO local time CDT 06:00pm
Please check your local time here.


Click here to connect: –
shorturl: – Please be patient – the stream will start at Chicago local time 06:00pm (London 00:00am, CEST 01:00am …).

connecting the local and virtual - conceptualisation

JOIN THE CONVERSATION using our channels
We are very excited to approch the event in Chicago (local time CDT 06:00pm). You can get and share knowledge and engage in conversation, increase your network.



6:15 – 6:20 p.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Marc J. Lane, Chair, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND Chair, Social Enterprise Alliance-Chicago Chapter

6:20 – 6:30 p.m. Social Capital World Forum – Introduction

  •  Daniel F. Bassill

6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Panel Discussion on Next Generation of Social Enterprise

  • Marc J. Lane, Moderator
  • Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots
  • Debra Schwartz, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND MacArthur Foundation

7:30 – 7:45 p.m. Chicago Ideas Week Overview

  •  Jessica Malkin, Chicago Ideas Week

7:45 – 8:00 p.m. Q&A



The local event in Chicago will be livestreamed – you will find the link here in time! Please visit our personalized worldtimebuddy table which includes ten cities – easily fill in your location to check.

Click to check your local time here.


  • Event hashtag #NextSocEnt
  • SEAlliance Chicago @SEAllianceChi
  • Groupon Grassroots @GrpnGrassroots
  • MacArthur Foundation @macfound
  • Chicago Ideas Week @chicagoideas
  • SCWF12 #scwf12
  • LivingBridgesPlanet @LivingBridgesP #LivingBridges
  • Twitter list Have a look what’s up on the Living Bridges Planet and follow the aggregated stream of Living Bridges (growing)


From Social Capital World Forum, we would like to thank all those people and organizations which made possible this great event “Next Generation of Social Enterprise” in Chicago. Special thanks to Sheri Gibson for her support and wonderful coordination work!! and thanks also to the institutions and people involved in organizing and developing the event:

  • Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago)
  • Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • Groupon Grassroots  
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Chicago Ideas Week
  • Special thanks also to Daniel F. Bassill, Founder and President of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection who will be our “Living Bridge” to the live event for Social Capital World Forum in Chicago.
  • And thanks also to the speakers:  Marc J. Lane, Moderator, Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots, Debra Schwartz, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Ideas Week Jessica Malkin


Find more Details about the event and sponsors in our earlier blogpost NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago event 13th Sept (live stream)

NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago event 13th Sept (live stream)

Welcome Living Bridges! NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE (LIVESTREAMED) - You can join here!

On the 13th September, Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) and Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago) will present the event


This event will take place in Chicago (Illinois) at Groupon Grassroots headquarters. At the same time, we will follow it from the SCWF Living Bridges Planet (Facebook page) live broadcasting!

“Next Generation of Social Enterprise” was the subject chosen to give the audience an insight into new ways of thinking about social enterprise and entrepreneurship – from a nonprofit, for-profit and academic perspective.  This theme will include corporate interest in the Social Enterprise industry from a community development and funding perspective, public sector interest in the industry, and non-traditional thinking as it relates to funding, marketing and building capacity.

At this site and also through our Facebook groups, you will get an update with news from the event.

Partners involved in the organization of the event:


  • Patty Huber, Manager, Groupon Grassroots
  • Debra D. Schwartz is Director of Program- related Investments (PRIs) for the MacArthur Foundation and Illinois Task Force Member
  • Jessica Malkin, Executive Director, Chicago Ideas Week

Moderator:  Marc Lane, Chair of Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise

Ongoing conversation before and after the event at LIVING BRIDGES PLANET, please feel free to join us and include there people you may think it could be interested on the next generation of Social Enterprise.

Event Day – Twitter hashtag 13th September 2012:

  • #NextSocEnt

Theoretical planning…. and action planning

First time I am trying “re-blogging” on wordpress, similar to re-tweeting on twitter … instead of paraphrasing I let the original speak, giving the author a stage. – I very much like the image of the prototype/bricolage. Can you see the bridge? The original appearance is on – thank you very much for your great coverage Melissa Bergado Edfeldt!

I was given the opportunity to participate in a seminar called Living Bridges for Social Entrepreneurs, a meeting to co-create and work on the substance of the coming Social Capital World Forum in Gothenberg in December. The Hub in Copenhagen was the arena for this meeting and provided creative energy and a positive atmosphere in wich we could collaborate. 

Kaj Voetmann, the CEO of AI Community Denmark (and his group of facilitators) set the stage with Appreciative Inquiry – a process traditional to strength based change management. Together with 30 people from around the world with working backgrounds in different sectors, we defined some of the problems facing social innovation and how we can help to fill the gaps. Examples of these gaps can be defined as hinders in knowledge transfer, cultural barriers, the confines of corporate governance, finance limitations or be as visible as less developed infrastructure in developing countries.

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2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020, curiosity + tribal leadership

Bridging some thoughts first
I got up early to watch the landing of the NASA vehicle “curiositylive. Actually I have my reservations to spend so much money in space missions while the urgent challenges on our precious planet Earth wait for our collective action. But watching the cheering of the team made clear that this thing is connected to the issue of social capital, creating collaborative culture – and how the impossible is made possible when there is a unifying vision! And let me associate with the name of that vehicle another thought: Curiosity is a source and virtue of the folks bridging networks and domains, bravely jumping between huge gaps – what do you think?

Land Use and Green Advocacy Revolution. 2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020 (ning community)
I could not wait to add this project to our newly created link list on Google drive: (= Living Bridges link list). – Please add your best links related to projects, social capital practice and especially bridging here anywhere and anytime: – in just 5 seconds, no registration required.

Five stages of tribal leadership
Most of you know Logan’s TED talk – if not, then please watch instantly! I want to share with you that great graphics, that I found on the ENPRAXIS LUGAR PROJECT community site. All the best for you folks! – And you, dear user, feel free to download this graphics as a screen background delivering essential wisdom 🙂

5 Stages Of Tribal Leadership (, (c) Tribal Leadership: Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright

(posted, fully responsible: Willi)

Next stage: “Launching” the LIVING BRIDGES Planet

Exciting developments!

The great metaphor of “Living Bridges” resulted in good resonance in the newly started facebook group LIVING BRIDGES Planet.

What’s next?

Currently we strive to complete the ecosystem to something that facilitates and empowers the creation and circulation of the manifold capitals especially trust, knowledge, creativity. Beneath is a proposal from some blog post, which has been mentioned in the SOCAP Network group. How to structure and name our ressources and energies adequately is a permanent task. Though the following graphics and concept (with capital as the leading metaphor) might be controversial it points to the issue of looking always beyond social capital too and to practice an integrated view of the levels and depth in human existence!

Source: (slightly modified colours)

With this multi-dimensionality in mind a quora answering space has been started to engage the living bridges to send ideas to improve the metabolism of mind and soul, the cognitive, emotional and social ressources. Next we want to create some social media channels to increase the “contact space” and serendipity. Youtube, twitter and quora are on the list to play some role to increase the benefit of the single actors and the growing living bridges planet.

LIVING BRIDGES Planet – mind map of core ecosystem as of today

Click on the mind map to get there and find the details and updates of the ecosystem.

Every bridger is invited
Please engage with ideas on the quora question: How can we use the huge wealth of the Living Bridges network for good? – The question is targeted on concrete tools, platforms, media and event formats, whether proven by your experience or innovative and promising! To improve exchange, matching and sharing, to foster sustainable collaborations and mentoring. We need not reinvent the wheel, it is just great to communicate, extend and improve the “Changemakers Toolbox”. With this in mind now I want to share the special collection, that Floris Koot has started on Pinterest. See the growing collection of changemakers there! Thanks for the work, Floris! – Just go to this pinterest collection and browse the worldwide change tribes!

Change Tribes around the World (Pinterest) – Visible movements. Add more!

(post by: Willi Schroll, web team + social foresight network)

Update 2012-08-01
Clarified the last two sentences about the pinterest collection. Modiefied graphics “Eight forms of capital”. Adding quotation marks to the (ironic) title 🙂 

Social Capital World Forum – Living Bridges – first videos

I. Video capture of the start of SCWF 2012
Video of the start on March 15th. The two founders Colin Campbell and Dr Manfred Hellrigl talking about the beginnings and the ongoing activities of SCWF.

Dr Manfred Hellrigl around 11m15s: After the team studied the process of real successful changes in society, they found the importance of the mechanisms of self-organisation.

“If you really want to do a powerful work, you should never deliver solutions, but encourage people to take over responsibility and find their own way”

Colin Campbell around 26m00s about the conference/SCWF:

“conference is like a global village” … “opening up the opportunity for people in the world” … “to do their own thing at local level as well”

End of the video, around 30m00s: Integrative artist Joy Lohmann (Germany) in video interview about the global project ASAP-Island, connecting art with social capital – actually conceiving art as “the best social capital”, since art is connecting people.

II. Inspiring video to understand the motto of this year

Update 2012-04-11: Deleted the video link since the former web address was no longer valid. Changeld title a bit. Embedded the #SCWF12 video and adding explaining text. (Willi)