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M2M and IoT need Stakeholder Coordination and Co-creation

We reblog this post since Rob van Kranenburg is really a living bridge between the technosphere and the societal and cultural dimension of the upcoming “Internet of Things” (IoT). IoT is the next technological wave, that will have even more impact than the spreading of the “internet of computers”, as we have it now (including smart phones and tablets – wearables of today are on the zone between the device paradigms).
Rob van Kranenburg is a guest blogger on IOTPEDIA.
“Rob van Kranenburg wrote The Internet of Things. A critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID, Network Notebooks 02, Institute of Network Cultures. He is co-founder of bricolabs and the founder of Council.”


One third of all cars at any given moment in the city is searching for parking in the center. Yet car sharing is not immediately an option for most people. It has to meet certain standards and be convenient. The negatives of too many cars are obvious: pollution, traffic jams, congestion of public transport as well. Currently the time tables on the busses do not yet show real-time waiting minutes.

Yet, as one third of all cars in the city are looking for a parking spot sharing information about parking spaces in real time would help to solve the parking problem, needless fuel consumption and traffic jams.

In mapping the stakeholders we see who is involved: citizens, commuters, city council, city planning; maintenance, public transport, pedestrian, city bike renting bikes, parking services, traffic police, and taxi drivers. The main issue is on routing and timing.

It takes places mainly in the…

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recording from hangout_5 – wrap-up + byebye

The last of five public hangouts during the 24h hackthon eduhack14. Good experience, nice bridging of cultures and locations. Even new projects and skills emerging. The online facilitators of Living Bridges Planet are glad to be part of it with enabling the glocal “inter-space” connecting the wisdom and energies 🙂

eduhack14 - education hackathon 24 hours

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