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LBP – A community in self-empowerment (part 1)

Video content

0. Context question
How can we unleash the huge ressources and the social capital of the Living Bridges Planet community more and more?

1. Challenge
Foster the self-organisation and flow in the community!

2. Solution
Be the commons!
(excourse to the example of everyday commons: kids go sledging and ice skating, the structure of the space is self-organizing – how can we create spaces for facilitation, that function as simple like this?)

3. Conclusion
We have to grow the group awareness about
• self-empowerment
• social capital
• creative ressources

Part 2 will be about more concrete ideas for the self-regulating and -organizing SIA (Social Information Architecture)

Music source
Nadia’s Theme – by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

In three words: People help people
Enjoy that song

/Willi, facilitation team
(This post is a personal view.)

Update 2014-03-11: Added the Birdy video


Next Level of Living Bridges Planet – Three Examples of Bridging Power

Peers help Peers!
Lately we realized that the Living Bridges Planet is on the threshold to a next stage: Unleashing the knowhow and energies in the community.

Three Examples of Bridging Power
We are watching great progress in the awareness of collaboration value. The skills are increasing and there is a critical mass which will result in more and more “Collaborative Productivity”. – The video shows three of latest examples of peer learning (eye level) and “bridging for support and collaboration”.

Our motto is becoming true more and more

Networking the Networks.
Connecting the Change.

… and everyone can be part. The energies of creativity and trust are out there. With a bit of intelligence, experience and the simple, free tools out there you can be part. Being a giver and a taker, a tutor and a mentor, a learner and a teacher. Go!

Video content – Peers help peers – examples

Example 1:
Coaching Crowdfunding for a Workshop in Cameroon
Example 2:
Coaching a Community Development in Nepal
Example 3:
Coaching a DIY Lab Launch (+ Event) in Cambodia

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA – LIVING BRIDGES Planet
Music is from, title: “Locally Sourced”.

Living Bridges Talk – Social Innovation Camp Asia – Seoul


Introductory LBP TALK with Seoul Oct 4th

Social Innovation Camp Asia – Seoul teams present their ongoing work

This is an open collaborative document*, feel free to edit as you like.
(*it will be editable at least until Monday Oct 7, 6pm CEST (London + Paris time) – and accessible beyond that date)

Links – Event Basics

Interview/Dialogue – Fukushima; and Seoul Social Innovation Camp

Emanuel Pastreich and Layne Hartsell – Asia in Focus 3
The Asia Institute

Part 1

Part 2

Launch of “The Fukushima Initiative” at the Asia Institute (September 4, 2013) | The Asia Institute

Chicago #NextSocEnt – video and impressions

Great cooperation 

Thanks again to

  • Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago)
  • Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • Groupon Grassroots
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Chicago Ideas Week

Special thanks to Sheri Gibson, the Groupon tech team and Living Bridges Planet (Social Capital World Forum) facilitation team making this glocal event about the Next Generation of Social Enterprise possible. Thank you Sheri Gibson for sharing the photos. Material has been taken from photo set

Proof of concept for “connecting the local with the virtual”

The screenshot from the tweetchat feed shows the part of the virtual audience around the globe. This has been a proof of concept for “connecting the local and the virtual” – despite the challenging timezone difference for Europe and Africa (e.g. the Chicago 6:15 pm beginning meant Berlin 1:15 am).

LIVESTREAMING EVENT – Next Generation of Social Enterprise

SEP 13 2012 – CHICAGO local time CDT 06:00pm
Please check your local time here.


Click here to connect: –
shorturl: – Please be patient – the stream will start at Chicago local time 06:00pm (London 00:00am, CEST 01:00am …).

connecting the local and virtual - conceptualisation

JOIN THE CONVERSATION using our channels
We are very excited to approch the event in Chicago (local time CDT 06:00pm). You can get and share knowledge and engage in conversation, increase your network.



6:15 – 6:20 p.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Marc J. Lane, Chair, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND Chair, Social Enterprise Alliance-Chicago Chapter

6:20 – 6:30 p.m. Social Capital World Forum – Introduction

  •  Daniel F. Bassill

6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Panel Discussion on Next Generation of Social Enterprise

  • Marc J. Lane, Moderator
  • Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots
  • Debra Schwartz, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND MacArthur Foundation

7:30 – 7:45 p.m. Chicago Ideas Week Overview

  •  Jessica Malkin, Chicago Ideas Week

7:45 – 8:00 p.m. Q&A



The local event in Chicago will be livestreamed – you will find the link here in time! Please visit our personalized worldtimebuddy table which includes ten cities – easily fill in your location to check.

Click to check your local time here.


  • Event hashtag #NextSocEnt
  • SEAlliance Chicago @SEAllianceChi
  • Groupon Grassroots @GrpnGrassroots
  • MacArthur Foundation @macfound
  • Chicago Ideas Week @chicagoideas
  • SCWF12 #scwf12
  • LivingBridgesPlanet @LivingBridgesP #LivingBridges
  • Twitter list Have a look what’s up on the Living Bridges Planet and follow the aggregated stream of Living Bridges (growing)


From Social Capital World Forum, we would like to thank all those people and organizations which made possible this great event “Next Generation of Social Enterprise” in Chicago. Special thanks to Sheri Gibson for her support and wonderful coordination work!! and thanks also to the institutions and people involved in organizing and developing the event:

  • Social Enterprise Alliance – Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago)
  • Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
  • Groupon Grassroots  
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Chicago Ideas Week
  • Special thanks also to Daniel F. Bassill, Founder and President of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection who will be our “Living Bridge” to the live event for Social Capital World Forum in Chicago.
  • And thanks also to the speakers:  Marc J. Lane, Moderator, Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots, Debra Schwartz, Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise AND MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Ideas Week Jessica Malkin


Find more Details about the event and sponsors in our earlier blogpost NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago event 13th Sept (live stream)

Why do we feel moved toward action

Update 2012-10-02

We proudly present the video of the seminar event. Thank you for your great work Julie T. Tran and MakeChangeTV! Find more videos on the Living Bridges Planet youtube channel.


WHY is the “big question” leading to a purpose. But even before talking about “Action”, maybe we could think a little about another question:

WHY do we Dream? WHAT we are dreaming about?

Last month, 17th August 2012, we had a seminar in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the HUB Copenhagen. We gathered there around 40 people from many countries (Denmark, Sweden, US, Spain, Lithuania,…) with a common goal: discovering how a “living bridge” looks like through different perspectives and one framework: social entrepreneurship, in order to connect virtual communities and local communities around the world in a coordinated way.

The Copenhagen seminar was part of an ongoing process which will continue its next step the 13th September in Chicago (blogpost NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago), an event where we will participate online.

The “Living Bridges” movement is the result of something we are building together and Appreciative Inquiry was the approach we used at the seminar in Copenhagen to create a first idea about what it is a “Living Bridge”. We want to thank specially Kaj Voetman, Chairman from Appreciative Inquiry Community Denmark, who was the great conductor who lead this first step along the building process.

We have made a video with some photos from the seminar and we would love to count with the “Living Bridges” who atended this seminar to share here their personal experience and main vision about the designs and prototypes we built there.

VIDEO: LIVING BRIDGES Copenhagen DK Seminar 17082012

The story begins in Meghalaya, a place in the North-East India, one of the wettest place on earth where bridges aren’t build…. They’re grown…

The Living Bridges are made from the roots of the trees….
…and people learn how to build and maintain them during hundreds of years.

The Living Bridges from Meghalaya are our metaphor to build…
The Living Bridges for Social Entrepreneurs.

What is a “Living Bridge” for us?

1) DISCOVERING our own Living Bridges and sharing experiences.
2) DREAMING the challenges where the Living Bridges could be useful for social entrepreneurs.
3) DESIGNING & PROTOTYPING the Living Bridges.

Video Credits:
KAJ VOETMANN (Appreciative Inquiry Community Danmark)
BERT-OLA BERGSTRAND (Social Capital World Forum)
INMA VP (Photo & Video Production)

and thanks a lot to all the facilitators and people who made this Possible!

If you want to follow the Living Bridges on Facebook, please join us here:

And also you will find the Living Bridges Planet on Twitter:

For all those people who could not join us last August in Copenhagen but follow the “Living Bridges” concept, we would like also to have also here your opinion about what do you think it can be a “Living Bridge”.

We have been taking two videos as main elements to develop our own conceptualisation:

1) Meghalaya’s Living Bridges video
2) Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge, YouTube video

What do you think it could be the “Living Bridges” main characteristics and roles for building social entrepreneurs? How could it look like?

Thank you so much for your comments here or on the facebook group!

(blogpost by Inma Vp)

LIVING BRIDGES Copenhagen DK Seminar

With a digital mindset there comes the Living Bridges attitude

The digital will not go away – Easily adapt with Thomas Power’s wisdom

With the rising (social) connectedness we are inevitably redesigning our thinking and behavior. As happened in industrialisation, now transformation is happening to deal with the “big connectification”, resulting in the network society (Manuel Castells). We have to adapt as an individual, a consumer, a leader, a (social) entrepreneur, a teacher …). Listen to Thomas Power’s great talk!

Thomas Power confesses in the talk that he needed 11 years to switch from old school to new school mindset. Good news: You can be on his shoulders!

  • Old mindset: CSC = closed, selective, controlling
    (you will just fail with this one in the world of today and tomorrow)
  • New mindset: ORS = being open, random and supportive
    (what works in our hyper speed connected world)

Thank you Bert-Ola Bergstrand for sharing great stuff like this with me, personally you are my “ORS role model”.


Next step – Living Bridges Planet – Connecting Virtual with Local

We are now half way into this year`s Social Capital World Forum – Living Bridges. A process forum with activities taking place on a regular basis in the field of social capital that will end with the final event in Gothenburg Sweden on November 30th to December 3rd.

Copenhagen – August 17th
Over the last weeks we have taken some important steps in outlining an ecosystem, “Living Bridges Planet” which will facilitate social capital development among connectors, or “Living Bridgers”. An important aspect in developing the ecosystem is to connect virtual communities and local communities around the world in a coordinated way. With our upcoming event in Copenhagen on the 17th of August, with the help of Appreciative Inquiry Denmark, Make Change TV and The HUB Copenhagen, we will construct a symbol of a “Living Bridge”.

Chicago – September 13th
On the 13th of September we take the next important step when we for the first time will be a virtual network partner with Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter (page), Governor’s Task Force on Social Innovation Illinois and Groupon Grassroots in Chicago. Topic will be “Next Generation of Social Enterprise” (more info on eventbrite page). In the run up to the event we will moderate a discussion on the topic which then functions as input to the event.

Virtual partner to orgs and networks
In the coming months we will continue this process in with another planned 4-5 events around the world, being a virtual partner to organizations and networks which are supporting grassroots or themselves are grassroots organizations.

Bert-Ola Bergstrand

2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020, curiosity + tribal leadership

Bridging some thoughts first
I got up early to watch the landing of the NASA vehicle “curiositylive. Actually I have my reservations to spend so much money in space missions while the urgent challenges on our precious planet Earth wait for our collective action. But watching the cheering of the team made clear that this thing is connected to the issue of social capital, creating collaborative culture – and how the impossible is made possible when there is a unifying vision! And let me associate with the name of that vehicle another thought: Curiosity is a source and virtue of the folks bridging networks and domains, bravely jumping between huge gaps – what do you think?

Land Use and Green Advocacy Revolution. 2020 Ecopreneurs by 2020 (ning community)
I could not wait to add this project to our newly created link list on Google drive: (= Living Bridges link list). – Please add your best links related to projects, social capital practice and especially bridging here anywhere and anytime: – in just 5 seconds, no registration required.

Five stages of tribal leadership
Most of you know Logan’s TED talk – if not, then please watch instantly! I want to share with you that great graphics, that I found on the ENPRAXIS LUGAR PROJECT community site. All the best for you folks! – And you, dear user, feel free to download this graphics as a screen background delivering essential wisdom 🙂

5 Stages Of Tribal Leadership (, (c) Tribal Leadership: Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright

(posted, fully responsible: Willi)