Events 2012

<<<<<<<<<MAR 2012>>>>>>>>>

How does this work?

  • Anyone registered either as an “Organization” or a ”Living Bridge” can host an activity and share it with this year’s Social Capital World Forum.
  • What this means in practice is simply, that if you will for example arrange a workshop, seminar, conference and so forth with a focus on social capital you can place it under this tab.
  • Then we as facilitators will provide space for sharing experiences from the activity that will be hosted. For example we will offer social media coverage, and we might connect up with you and “broadcast” the activity for a global audience in the social web / social media.

Your benefit
Connect with people crossing the boundaries of your networks (“bridging”!) and create new social capital, start new cooperations …

Gratefully the “living bridges” have shared information about their specific activities. Some are listed below – you find more information here on our specific google spreadsheet:
Go to the spreadsheet for more information.

SCWF 2012
4th Social Capital World Forum starts March 15th

IDEC 2012
International Democratic Education Conference, Puerto Rico 2012. The conference will bring together practitioners, academics, youth, and educators for an international exchange on the transformation of schools and communities to ensure that all young people can engage meaningfully in their education and gain the tools to build a just, democratic, and sustainable world. – Speakers
Philippe Greier on twitter – presente! on facebook –

<<<<<<<<<APR 2012>>>>>>>>>

CastleCamp Goehrde, Germany –
Barcamp about Social Entrepreneurship & Financing

<<<<<<<<<MAY 2012>>>>>>>>>

SOCAP – Designing the Future Malmö
May 8-10th 2012, gathering 400+ of the world’s pioneering impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, government and civic leaders

<<<<<<<<<JUN 2012>>>>>>>>>

Cultural Entrepreneurship – Conference: Ethics and Health
Berlin, 14th June 2012 – Audimax of the Freie Universität Berlin
event page at
facebook event page

[tag: Culture & Art]

  • Our aim at the Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship is to help stimulate interaction between economics and philosophy and open up new perspectives for everyone involved. It means basing profit projections on longer-term aims than quarterly reports, and an approach that goes beyond money to take on board, for example, carbon footprints, or financial models that provide creative artists with a decent livelihood. It also means fostering brilliant ideas at the interface of different sectors and disciplines (the Medici effect).

Social Capital World Forum Seminar

19th June – Göteborg, Sweden
Bert-Ola Bergstrand expalining the process and the wordpress website for process of 2012
[tag: Social Innovation]
Öppna Kanalen i Göteborg | VIDEO Bambuser Part 1

<<<<<<<<<AUG 2012>>>>>>>>>

Social Capital Development – facilitated by Appreciative Inquiry
Copenhagen – August 17th
Appreciative Inquire Denmark, Make Change TVThe HUB Copenhagen

<<<<<<<<<SEP 2012>>>>>>>>>

Next Generation of Social Enterprise
Chicago, Sept. 13th
Social Enterprise Alliance, Governor’s Task Force on Social Innovation Illinois and Groupon Grassroots in Chicago.
more: eventbrite page

Global Learning Festival
Mahabalipuram, India – 20-24 Nov 2012
Communities take action. The global learning festival brings them together from all around the world to share experiences and learn. Hosted by the Constellation, SIAAP and India Competence.
Event link:!home/mainPage
Organisation link:
Community link:
[tag: Education & Learning]

<<<<<<<<<DEC 2012>>>>>>>>>

SCWF 2012 Gothenburg (final)
Nov 30 – Dec 02
Extensive coverage:


Education & Learning
Social Media & Technology
Health & Food
Environment & Sustainability
Culture & Art
Social Innovation

2 thoughts on “Events 2012

  1. Hello from HUB Berkeley in California. Thank you so much, Bert! I am working on a Social Innovators Exchange Program with SOCAP. We are organizing an American Team to Malmo, and want to work with you and Darko on organizing a team to SF for SOCAP, then work on the World SE Forum in Rio 🙂

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