Living Bridges Planet
is a global facilitator network inspired by strength-based and social capital approaches to enable change.


  • FACEBOOK: Our dynamic community is active on facebook with 3.500+ members. The keep-in-touch and the conversations in this facebook group are very important for our “community life”. Here it is: facebook.com/groups/livingbridgesplanet
  • VIDEOCONFERENCING / LIVESTREAMS: We are realizing regular publicly livestreamed hangouts on Google+ (typically first Tuesday in a month). You will find some recordings (including the struggle with tech sometimes) on our video channel on YouTube. There are different playlists to inspire and support you – the playlist “Living Bridges Talks” is the one for the public videoconferences. lbp-playlist-grid
  • VISIBILITY FOR YOU / GLOCAL EVENTS: Living Bridges Planet is kind of meta-network or -community. We are supporting reciprocally in creating more impact and value for local and global changemakers, facilitators, rolemodels. If you need more global attention for a local event or project, then maybe we can support you. “We” is: (a) all the living bridges around, (b) especially the international facilitation team, which is kind of “core of the core” of active people, all volunteers, doing it for the greater good. Find more on the page “What we can do for you”.living-bridges-planet-buddies-180x180



(to be done) It all started in 2012 in the context of SCWF – see the section “Archive” in the navigation menue …

Early (long) version of our group description:
Our first group description on facebook was the following one, and is still worth to read – it was just a bit too long: In our interdependent and hyperconnected world we perceive the growing relevance of trust, reciprocity, global-local engagement to tackle the global and local challenges. This group is esp. dedicated to discuss and develop social capital practice. 

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