About SCWF

Social Capital World Forum (SCWF)

“The Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) was launched in Scotland in 2009, to bring together organisations (civil society, NGOs, social enterprises, academic, statutory sector, etc) working at a regional/national level with social capital as a key resource for enhancing community well-being and resilience. The SCWF believes that knowledge of social capital structures can bring about a more sustainable and prosperous society. We aim to integrate a common language that will facilitate the progress of our communities socially, environmentally and economically.”  Office of Future Related Issues (OFRI) / vorarlberg.at

Here the founders Colin Campbell and Manfred Hellriegel give the background of the SOCIAL CAPITAL WORLD FORUM at the Pre-Seminar on the 15th of March SCWF 2012: youtu.be/CimamnfEn6U

Definition of Social Capital (OECD)

“Social capital is the networks together with shared norms, values and shared understanding that facilitate co-operation within or among groups.” (Office for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD – PDF)


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