Next Level of Living Bridges Planet – Three Examples of Bridging Power

Peers help Peers!
Lately we realized that the Living Bridges Planet is on the threshold to a next stage: Unleashing the knowhow and energies in the community.

Three Examples of Bridging Power
We are watching great progress in the awareness of collaboration value. The skills are increasing and there is a critical mass which will result in more and more “Collaborative Productivity”. – The video shows three of latest examples of peer learning (eye level) and “bridging for support and collaboration”.

Our motto is becoming true more and more

Networking the Networks.
Connecting the Change.

… and everyone can be part. The energies of creativity and trust are out there. With a bit of intelligence, experience and the simple, free tools out there you can be part. Being a giver and a taker, a tutor and a mentor, a learner and a teacher. Go!

Video content – Peers help peers – examples

Example 1:
Coaching Crowdfunding for a Workshop in Cameroon
Example 2:
Coaching a Community Development in Nepal
Example 3:
Coaching a DIY Lab Launch (+ Event) in Cambodia

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA – LIVING BRIDGES Planet
Music is from, title: “Locally Sourced”.


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