What if the Future is now? Bridging Oslo – 2013-12-13

Video archive of glocal Google Hangout Friday, 13th of December –

Part B, global hangout

We apologize for the technical problems of Part A – there should be a better recodring in the near future. We will deliver here on the event blogpost.


It has been added to the playlists on our youtube channel


  • San Francisco/PAC:4am-6am
  • Rio/BRST: 10am-noon
  • London/GMT: noon-2pm
  • Oslo/Paris/CET:1pm-3pm
  • Mumbai/IST:530pm-730pm
  • Seoul/KST:9pm-11pm


In a world with increasing environmental and social challenges there is a need for new competences, partnerships and knowledge platforms. How do we design these new platforms, what knowledge is required ahead, and could open innovation and crowdsourcing be a part of the solution. These are some of questions which will be in focus during the event.

Online participation and interaction with global audience is facilitated by Living Bridges Planet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingbridgesplanet/

Online Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/235950243231785/236467936513349/?comment_id=236682459825230&notif_t=event_mall_comment

Special thanks to Formuesforvaltning who is providing the space for the event in Oslo.


Speakers (so far!!)

Intro by Bitten Schei and Thea Emilie Dalen Dille, Co – Founders of Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
* Leif Edvinsson, Chairman of The New Club of Paris
* Truls Berg, General Secretary, Innovation Forum Norway
* Ingrid Stange, Founder: Partnership for Change
* Hilde Dalen Celik, Co-Founder of Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
* Layne Hartsell, Fellow, Philosophy of Technology, P2P Foundation, The Asia Institute
* Benita Matofska, Founder & Chief Sharer (CEO), Compare and Share
* Moderator: Anders H. Lier, Itera Consulting AS

Moderator for tomorrow and changemaker Anders H. Lier speaks at TEDx Oslo about the important 3/10 formula in India: TEDxOslo – Anders Lier – Making sustainable impact in the society we operate in

Beyond Innovation – think about Contactivity
A great talk of Leif Edvinsson: Re-Paradigming the Conversation
@ the University of Lund at the Open Innovation 2.0 conference in Dublin, May 2013
The New Club of Paris – Agenda developer for the Knowledge Economy

Truls Berg, Innovation Forum Norway, speaks on trends in innovation and being a passionate citizen: Celebrating the Future (7 of 7) – Truls Berg, Innovation Forum Norway

Benita Matofska a global leader in the sharing economy http://vimeo.com/39416152

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-12 um 23.09.18

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