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Creating a minimal tool set for online collaboration

Hands-on – a practice to improve group success – easy to copy and adapt.

social foresight network

Background Fukushima Open Dialogue

  • Since the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima following the Tsunami in 2011 (wikipedia) the situation is still very difficult – there are efforts now in October 2013 to ask for help of international experts
  • Living Bridges Planet network wants to be part of this process and facilitate building bridges
  • There is a facebook group Fukushima Open Dialogue – The Asia Institute and I found that (as usually in groups like this) the facebook platform is extremely limited in usability, when one needs to share knowledge – this gave me an impulse, to create a collaborative space on google docs [web address will be published, when the structure is a bit more mature; the graphics shows an image cutout of a slide for brainstorming]

How to transform a Facebook group into a collaborative ecosystem?

  • Facebook groups have very limited usability to organize knowledge flow and management

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Living Bridges Talk – Social Innovation Camp Asia – Seoul


Introductory LBP TALK with Seoul Oct 4th

Social Innovation Camp Asia – Seoul teams present their ongoing work

This is an open collaborative document*, feel free to edit as you like.
(*it will be editable at least until Monday Oct 7, 6pm CEST (London + Paris time) – and accessible beyond that date)

Links – Event Basics

Interview/Dialogue – Fukushima; and Seoul Social Innovation Camp

Emanuel Pastreich and Layne Hartsell – Asia in Focus 3
The Asia Institute

Part 1

Part 2

Launch of “The Fukushima Initiative” at the Asia Institute (September 4, 2013) | The Asia Institute