Living Bridges Talk – PH Social Innovation Camp 13

LBP Talk - PH SI Camp 13
LBP Talk – PH SI Camp 13
Social Innovation Camp Kickoff in Manila Living Bridges Planet Hangout, 13.09.2013

Today, September 13th, 2013 was the kickoff to a series of 8 Social Innovation Camps in Asia. Social Innovation Camp Asia brings together software developers and designers with people who understand a social problem to help build web and mobile solutions to social challenges.

LivingBridgesPlanet (LBP) supports this great initiative with its compassionate community of professionals from around the world to facilitate and support the Social Innovation Camp series in Asia with its Social Capital approaches to enable change. This new form of engagement from LBP takes us all a step closer to the global-local engagement to tackle global and local challenges.

In today’s hangout you could find a diverse crowd of Living Bridgers that love to share their knowledge and experiences to support others in the process of their projects. They all strive to connect their ideas, their skills and projects with each other to drive the innovation processes throughout the community and across the globe.

The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service sponsored SI Camp, which presented two projects live, that the crowd in Manila will be collaborating on – Neighborhood Watch and Surplus Redistribution. What we experimented with in this hangout wasn’t limited to presenting projects, but opened a new terrain of collaboration to support the development of the local initiatives through our glocal LBP network.

We could also observe that many of the projects operate around a similar set of challenges. P2P and network dynamics crystallized to be key issues. Nadia from Edgeryders is looking for ways to connect their higly skilled community members to projects and companies that need these skills to gain financial sustainability for her community. David from eco2 explores new financial protocols to support projects. Layne from P2P Foundation drives research for the collaborative economy and supports think tanks. Faruq tries to create new collaboration channels for GeeksGoneGlobal from all over the world during his series of expeditions. Renate introduces Social Innovation through a NGO to her country. Bert-Ola brings together and bridges an incredible diversity of unique people from all over the world at LBP Group. Robert is changing the landscape around with his community. And myself I’m creating with JOLOCOM a P2P mobile application to connect people, their ideas and projects and the emerging wolrd IoT (Internet of Things) to open the space for a new collaborative economy, a network of peers that drives social innovation and ecological projects.

So, where are you in this process? …with whom would you like to connect? …what are your ideas? …in which project would you like to contribute?

All our activities are facilitated in an open space where we continue to nurturing the members of our community in the process of creating the Social Innovation we want to see in the world. This is your invitation to participate in the LBP Group and the hangouts, to connect to the network and to contribute to the projects! See you there!

Joachim Lohkamp


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