Empowering Youth – Connect for Action


After Oslo – next steps 
The Oslo event was great both locally – with great presentations, as glocally – in the global video chat (platform G+ hangout). See blogpost:
OSLO – “Celebrating the Future” Join us!
pcoming: There will be a topic hangout on September 3. Follow the event page on facebook for more. – You are welcome! Join the LBP facebook group if you like the concept.

We want to share next steps with you


3 thoughts on “Empowering Youth – Connect for Action

  1. I am really happy to be part of Living Bridges community. A great learning platform, in all senses. Living Bridges rock technically – using the web communications tools as soon as they are available to promote meetings – locally and in the web space – and the topics being discussed are so relevant for sustainability! I am really thankful.

    1. Thank you Leila, we are very grateful for all the participation, support and for personal contacts and encounters. Exciting to see it evolve! Willi (FaciliTeam)

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