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Living Bridges Talk – International CodeCamp at Konbit Teknolojik

#haiticode #LBPtalk

Who Can Join? / How to Participate?

Skills and Roles

  • You don’t have to be a software developer, programmer or tech person to join.
  • We have plenty of activities, from design to logistics, to documentation, photo and video editing, storytelling, social impact strategies, etc
    • Join a development team and write software code.
    • Design interface and communication material for the apps, challenges and projects.
    • Discuss proposed challenges, solutions and strategies, or add new ones.
    • Join the International Hangout at 11am local time with Brazil (noon), Europe (5pm) and Korea (midnight).
    • Propose a hangout session to address a specific topic or theme.
    • Make a presentation, pitch an idea or project, or send a video or presentation to be shared.
    • Mentor a team, challenge or idea.
    • Help translate terms and interfaces to/from English, French, Haitian Creole and Spanish.
    • Document the experience and tell the stories (blog, twitter, articles, etc.)

Remote Participation

  • You don’t have to be in Haïti or come to Haïti to join.
  • Anyone can participate remotely through our Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, IRC and Livestream channels.

#‎AUG‬ 17th
International CodeCamp for social good – Haiti
SATURDAY – 5pm Paris, 11am Haiti, 12am Rio, nextday 12(noon) Seoul
‪#‎TWITTER‬: #haiticode
#FB ‪#‎haiticode‬


Empowering Youth – Connect for Action


After Oslo – next steps 
The Oslo event was great both locally – with great presentations, as glocally – in the global video chat (platform G+ hangout). See blogpost:
OSLO – “Celebrating the Future” Join us!
pcoming: There will be a topic hangout on September 3. Follow the event page on facebook for more. – You are welcome! Join the LBP facebook group if you like the concept.

We want to share next steps with you