LBTalk 2013-06-26 – Bridging Africa #4


Have some notes to share? – (public!)

Morris Matadi, Liberia

Faruq Hunter, Geeks Gone Globa

The Africa Engagement Manifesto

A product of the Geeks Gone Global Africa Innovation Excursion 2013

We are entrepreneurs, organizations and investors from outside of the African continent who are passionate about impacting the future of Africa.

Our role and the role of our African counterparts are equally significant in the global ecosystem.

We believe, with the appropriate level of engagement, Africa has the potential to transform herself and the world.

Therefore, our role is to partner, facilitate, collaborate and assist our African counterparts to mutually impact the future of the continent.

“Copenhagen Girl Gang” 🙂 

  • Thinking about new horizons – internet of things – and the internet of people
  • Julie Tran
  • Inma Lauth
  • Antje Oltmanns (aka Anna Blume)
  • Leila País de Miranda

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