‘Bridging Africa’ at a screen near you. Join us

(Image: roosevelt.edu)
(Image: roosevelt.edu)

This June we extend our ‘Bridging Africa’ series, after the overwhelming interest and keenness by the global community to learn more about Africa’s innovation space and its agents of change. Sign up for the hangout sessions on June 5, 12, 19 and 23.

Here’s a recap from the Africa hangouts this May, where entrepreneurs as part of Geeks gone Global Africa tour showed the global community how they are changing the continent for the better. From Dakar Senegal to Johannesburg & Cape Town South Africa to Nairobi Kenya and Cairo Egypt, many from the global community followed this exciting journey.

There were some great hangout sessions too, while a couple of others couldn’t take place due to infrastructural challenges. Well, the echoes, video outages and the ensuing frustration with the technical glitches, all reflect the world today and amidst these, the tremendous opportunities we have. At Living Bridges Planet we are forever in beta (=learning), and in moving ahead with ongoing and dynamic experiences from global communities.

The recent Africa series of hangouts has given us many a profound learning through interactions with passionate entrepreneurs from across Africa as well as from other parts of world. Here’s more on some of our recent hangout sessions.

The inaugural Pitch Africa session hangout had entrepreneurs get together in Dakar Senegal on May 6th, sharing backgrounds and discussing ideas they are working on. Candid conversations and the passion behind some dream projects were evident during the session.

The next Hangout was held in Johannesburg on May 8th, where the participants were privy to understanding how the innovation hub in South Africa was buzzing with ideas and progress. The dialogue also revealed, as a fellow living-bridge planet member Anna Blume put it, ‘the painstaking and persistent effort to remove all obstacles that obscure our common humanity’. Here’s more:

We also had an Africa roundup session on May 29th, with some straight-talking and inspiration from the participants. In Faruq Hunter‘s words ‘The bridge that has to be made is a bridge of spirit’, something that epitomizes what we the global community are truly capable of. Listen in:

There is a lot of excitement and opportunity in Africa. Learn more during the upcoming hangout sessions. See you there!


LBTalk 2013-06-05 – Bridging Africa #2

Mind Map for more information about the talk

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