Bridging Passionate Innovators of Africa with the World

ImageA continent that offers the promise of adventure and intrigue like no other is also seeing growth at a never-before pace, courtesy its rising economies and exciting young talent.

A few might have heard about the idea of shoes that charge your phone while on the move, an innovative product developed by a Kenyan entrepreneur. There are many such fun and purposeful innovations happening all across the continent, which the global community may have missed out on.

With the Geeks Gone Global 2013 tour you can now encounter more African projects and innovators while on the move. Brought to you by GenuisCorps, which also leads a group of American entrepreneurs, investors and business enablers to the action centers, the event will see the participation of 30 African startups showcasing their innovations through Pitch sessions.

If you, the members of the global community, aren’t at event locations in Dakar Senegal, Nairobi Kenya, Cairo Egypt, or Jo’burg and Cape Town in South Africa, fret not, for you can connect with these passionate entrepreneurs through Google Hangout conversations.

Want to be part of the 4 upcoming “Focus is Africa!” Hangouts starting May 29th – Sign Up Now. You can also follow latest updates at Living Bridges Planet, as we continue to celebrate and discuss African projects and innovators.



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