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Living Bridges Talk #05 (2013-04-02) – Mapping forward!

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  • They describe the concept like this:” Impure is a visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information. With impure is possible to obtain information from very different sources; from user owned data to diverse feeds in internet, including social media data, real time or historical financial information, images, news, search queries and many more”. It is a very “techy” tool (in Alpha 0.9 stage) that requires some development for novice users. It later evolved into:
  • “The visual programming environment to gather, shape, and share living data” They do not mention Impure anywhere but Impure says on their FB-page that “Impure is now Quadrigram!!!”
  • ”A community of creative people making sense of complex issues through data and design.” Basically a site where you can go and visualize something for someone or get something visualized. Covers graph nodes, statistics and data galore.
  • ”Our infographics and data visualizations tell your story, drive traffic, and amplify your social media presence”.
  • YouTube videos: As I mentioned in the chat: Clay Shirky says: “Information overload is filter failure”: (Gives good examples too) He has other videos that are worth checking out about Internet and social crowd sourcing etc.
  • Simon Sinek has many good points on how to convince people to invest time and energy into what you have to say:
  • This is one of his first videos on TEDx but he has a couple more that describes other related issues with management (generally recommended).
  • Dan Pink has a slightly different take on this and explains why we are all in “sales” today. It is all about convincing people that doing what you propose is “selling an argument”. Granted this is directed mostly towards “sales/management people” but the concept is true to all walks of life. If we want people to take anything we say seriously we have to “sell the idea” so that they will embrace it


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Living Bridges Talk #04 (2013-03-05) – hello OpenU West Africa, Egypt, India!


Leila País de Miranda and Joachim Lohkamp talking inter alia with Jay Cousins, Joy Lohmann and with Francis Okeke and the Community Manager of the Open University of West Africa.

Find more links like Open University of West Africa – Let’s grow ideas for a better tomorrow – and to the living bridgers in the thread on FB – here is the perma link:


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