EduLab Live 2012 – Virtual-glocal event connects the Next Edu folks (NOV-02)

///////This post is in the making///////
The event has just ended, here is some first raw content ….

The EduLab Live was a great experience. Thank you to all guests and participants, and especially thanks the moderator Philippe Greier of presente! group!

You will find more images and text here soon – hopefully tomorrow!

Philippe + “Katzi” at Dreamicon Valley, Austria – glocal guests including two Finnish girls, currently changing the world in Brazil – and sometime surfing there

Original program – without the little changes [TO BE DONE …]:

·      18:15 Harald ‘Katzi’ Katzenschläger (

·      18:35 John Moravec (

·      18:55 Anne Madsen (

·      [19:15 Justo Mendez  ( cancelled]

.       19:35 Heather Bayfield (

·      20:20 Paul Bloch (Designer |

·      20:40 Clement Delangue(

·      21:00 Henna Kääriäinen + Hanne (

The 2:30 hour long session cannot be summarized here, at least not by me. But I have learned not only about the topics in alternative education approaches etc. – I have made another step forward in developing “virtual faciltation space” with a minimalist stance, just using open and free tools like google docs.

Collaborative slide deck – A shared space complementing the livestream on youtube
We used a prepared structure on a slide deck (google docs presentation) to better communicate and flexibly organize. The scaffold of structured slides worked fine to let participants integrate their content according to their own purpose (good old crowdsourcing). At times I saw up to 34 visitors there on the coordinative/collaborative space. The funny thing: Clement Delangue created a platform with quite similar basic functionality (, to let people easily collaborate synchronically.

Glocal-virtual bridging and collaboration tool philosophy
Why this slide deck? As I frequently like to propagate: You need not only feeds (rivers), but shared spaces of “lower speed” (banks and ponds) to have a healthy environment for virtual bridging and collaboration. Listening to the livestream connects the audience, but they feel separated as long there is no mimimal visabilty of presence, as happens when you see some users “walking” and “sitting” on the shard document as the 34 users above. So this slide deck is a “working prototype”, that people can copy, adopt and fork for their own use! It is not only a complementary tool added to the livestream, but at the same time it is brdiging into the time dimension – it is an auto-documentary of the glocal-virtual event, is accessable in the future (“what was the name of that guy from Vienna?” – you know this kind of situation), it can easily be downloaded as a pdf, which is nothing less than kind of “quick and dirty” conference reader 🙂


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