EduLab – Next Gen Education Livestream NOV-02 2012

Let’s connect, share and collaborate with the architects of the next generation of education.
//////////////SAVE THE DATE//////////////

Save the date - EduLab 2012 LiveEducation for the 21st century is challenged into adopting new paradigms, driven by an era of technological revolution that has had a great impact on our society.

We invite 6 – 8 outstanding and innovative examples from all around the world to present and discuss their solutions.

Educational start-ups using new technology, educators building on alternative and reformative education. Individuals and organizations that are bond by the idea of being part of the education (r)evolution.

Via skype connected with people from all around the world. Be part of it!

Join the event here on facebook:

Join the presente! group: 

Like the presente!

Be presente! Let’s play the education (r)evolution.


You might support the Edu on Tour. Visit our crowdfunding site at indiegogo.


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