Why do we feel moved toward action

Update 2012-10-02

We proudly present the video of the seminar event. Thank you for your great work Julie T. Tran and MakeChangeTV! Find more videos on the Living Bridges Planet youtube channel.


WHY is the “big question” leading to a purpose. But even before talking about “Action”, maybe we could think a little about another question:

WHY do we Dream? WHAT we are dreaming about?

Last month, 17th August 2012, we had a seminar in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the HUB Copenhagen. We gathered there around 40 people from many countries (Denmark, Sweden, US, Spain, Lithuania,…) with a common goal: discovering how a “living bridge” looks like through different perspectives and one framework: social entrepreneurship, in order to connect virtual communities and local communities around the world in a coordinated way.

The Copenhagen seminar was part of an ongoing process which will continue its next step the 13th September in Chicago (blogpost NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago), an event where we will participate online.

The “Living Bridges” movement is the result of something we are building together and Appreciative Inquiry was the approach we used at the seminar in Copenhagen to create a first idea about what it is a “Living Bridge”. We want to thank specially Kaj Voetman, Chairman from Appreciative Inquiry Community Denmark, who was the great conductor who lead this first step along the building process.

We have made a video with some photos from the seminar and we would love to count with the “Living Bridges” who atended this seminar to share here their personal experience and main vision about the designs and prototypes we built there.

VIDEO: LIVING BRIDGES Copenhagen DK Seminar 17082012

The story begins in Meghalaya, a place in the North-East India, one of the wettest place on earth where bridges aren’t build…. They’re grown…

The Living Bridges are made from the roots of the trees….
…and people learn how to build and maintain them during hundreds of years.

The Living Bridges from Meghalaya are our metaphor to build…
The Living Bridges for Social Entrepreneurs.

What is a “Living Bridge” for us?

1) DISCOVERING our own Living Bridges and sharing experiences.
2) DREAMING the challenges where the Living Bridges could be useful for social entrepreneurs.
3) DESIGNING & PROTOTYPING the Living Bridges.

Video Credits:
KAJ VOETMANN (Appreciative Inquiry Community Danmark)
BERT-OLA BERGSTRAND (Social Capital World Forum)
INMA VP (Photo & Video Production)

and thanks a lot to all the facilitators and people who made this Possible!

If you want to follow the Living Bridges on Facebook, please join us here:

And also you will find the Living Bridges Planet on Twitter:

For all those people who could not join us last August in Copenhagen but follow the “Living Bridges” concept, we would like also to have also here your opinion about what do you think it can be a “Living Bridge”.

We have been taking two videos as main elements to develop our own conceptualisation:

1) Meghalaya’s Living Bridges video
2) Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge, YouTube video

What do you think it could be the “Living Bridges” main characteristics and roles for building social entrepreneurs? How could it look like?

Thank you so much for your comments here or on the facebook group!

(blogpost by Inma Vp)

LIVING BRIDGES Copenhagen DK Seminar


4 thoughts on “Why do we feel moved toward action

  1. I loved the Meghalaya’s Living Bridges as a metaphor for netweavers and social entrepreneurs working together and increasing social capital! Find and guide the roots, take care of them, interact to build knowledge that ensures continuity, these are the principle roles of a sustainable and healthy community, I think.

    “You have to be careful with those roots. Make sure no-one breaks them or cut them.”

    “It’s an epic project no man can complet in a life time.”

    “Watch this: I will show you how to do it.”

    “A network of dozens of living bridges that connect the world of Meghalaya.”

    “This living bridge will grow for 500 years. Your children will use it. And your children’s children.”

    That’s a good motivation! Thank you for sharing this powerful and sweet idea!

    1. Thank you Leila for your thoughtful comment. As all processes are accelerating today I think that we will soon understand that to build something which is lasting and stable we must understand roots, foundations and forces pulling on them. Then we can better care about and protect the roots. /Willi

  2. Thank you so much Leila! I love the great points you underlined here:
    + Following an impact project and taking care of the meaning and value creation.
    + A project for more than a Life time – Sustainability connection.
    + Learning process in Community.
    + Living Bridges as facilitators of the process.

    Powerful ideas indeed! Thanks once again Leila for sharing them here with us!


  3. Excellent post !

    Have you guys heard about “Sonho Brasileiro”, a research made by trends agency Box1824 on Brazil ? On the conclusion of the research they talk about “Young Bridges” as the main driver of innovation and societal transformation on this century… maybe this concept can be merged with the Living Bridges , to form something even better 😉


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