NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, Chicago event 13th Sept (live stream)

Welcome Living Bridges! NEXT GENERATION OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISE (LIVESTREAMED) - You can join here!

On the 13th September, Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) and Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter (SEA/Chicago) will present the event


This event will take place in Chicago (Illinois) at Groupon Grassroots headquarters. At the same time, we will follow it from the SCWF Living Bridges Planet (Facebook page) live broadcasting!

“Next Generation of Social Enterprise” was the subject chosen to give the audience an insight into new ways of thinking about social enterprise and entrepreneurship – from a nonprofit, for-profit and academic perspective.  This theme will include corporate interest in the Social Enterprise industry from a community development and funding perspective, public sector interest in the industry, and non-traditional thinking as it relates to funding, marketing and building capacity.

At this site and also through our Facebook groups, you will get an update with news from the event.

Partners involved in the organization of the event:


  • Patty Huber, Manager, Groupon Grassroots
  • Debra D. Schwartz is Director of Program- related Investments (PRIs) for the MacArthur Foundation and Illinois Task Force Member
  • Jessica Malkin, Executive Director, Chicago Ideas Week

Moderator:  Marc Lane, Chair of Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise

Ongoing conversation before and after the event at LIVING BRIDGES PLANET, please feel free to join us and include there people you may think it could be interested on the next generation of Social Enterprise.

Event Day – Twitter hashtag 13th September 2012:

  • #NextSocEnt

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