Theoretical planning…. and action planning

First time I am trying “re-blogging” on wordpress, similar to re-tweeting on twitter … instead of paraphrasing I let the original speak, giving the author a stage. – I very much like the image of the prototype/bricolage. Can you see the bridge? The original appearance is on – thank you very much for your great coverage Melissa Bergado Edfeldt!

I was given the opportunity to participate in a seminar called Living Bridges for Social Entrepreneurs, a meeting to co-create and work on the substance of the coming Social Capital World Forum in Gothenberg in December. The Hub in Copenhagen was the arena for this meeting and provided creative energy and a positive atmosphere in wich we could collaborate. 

Kaj Voetmann, the CEO of AI Community Denmark (and his group of facilitators) set the stage with Appreciative Inquiry – a process traditional to strength based change management. Together with 30 people from around the world with working backgrounds in different sectors, we defined some of the problems facing social innovation and how we can help to fill the gaps. Examples of these gaps can be defined as hinders in knowledge transfer, cultural barriers, the confines of corporate governance, finance limitations or be as visible as less developed infrastructure in developing countries.

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