Next step – Living Bridges Planet – Connecting Virtual with Local

We are now half way into this year`s Social Capital World Forum – Living Bridges. A process forum with activities taking place on a regular basis in the field of social capital that will end with the final event in Gothenburg Sweden on November 30th to December 3rd.

Copenhagen – August 17th
Over the last weeks we have taken some important steps in outlining an ecosystem, “Living Bridges Planet” which will facilitate social capital development among connectors, or “Living Bridgers”. An important aspect in developing the ecosystem is to connect virtual communities and local communities around the world in a coordinated way. With our upcoming event in Copenhagen on the 17th of August, with the help of Appreciative Inquiry Denmark, Make Change TV and The HUB Copenhagen, we will construct a symbol of a “Living Bridge”.

Chicago – September 13th
On the 13th of September we take the next important step when we for the first time will be a virtual network partner with Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter (page), Governor’s Task Force on Social Innovation Illinois and Groupon Grassroots in Chicago. Topic will be “Next Generation of Social Enterprise” (more info on eventbrite page). In the run up to the event we will moderate a discussion on the topic which then functions as input to the event.

Virtual partner to orgs and networks
In the coming months we will continue this process in with another planned 4-5 events around the world, being a virtual partner to organizations and networks which are supporting grassroots or themselves are grassroots organizations.

Bert-Ola Bergstrand


5 thoughts on “Next step – Living Bridges Planet – Connecting Virtual with Local

  1. Bert-Ola, I’m going to chat this up with friends and contacts of mine here in NYC and see what interests I can spark. Is there a summary of the effort so far, and a specific process for getting involved? -David Lawrence Hawthorne

    1. What I see fits quite well into the concept! I have just created a shortened version of our LB questionnaire – this is now in review. I send it to your address and you can give us feedback too.

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