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Next stage: “Launching” the LIVING BRIDGES Planet

Exciting developments!

The great metaphor of “Living Bridges” resulted in good resonance in the newly started facebook group LIVING BRIDGES Planet.

What’s next?

Currently we strive to complete the ecosystem to something that facilitates and empowers the creation and circulation of the manifold capitals especially trust, knowledge, creativity. Beneath is a proposal from some blog post, which has been mentioned in the SOCAP Network group. How to structure and name our ressources and energies adequately is a permanent task. Though the following graphics and concept (with capital as the leading metaphor) might be controversial it points to the issue of looking always beyond social capital too and to practice an integrated view of the levels and depth in human existence!

Source: (slightly modified colours)

With this multi-dimensionality in mind a quora answering space has been started to engage the living bridges to send ideas to improve the metabolism of mind and soul, the cognitive, emotional and social ressources. Next we want to create some social media channels to increase the “contact space” and serendipity. Youtube, twitter and quora are on the list to play some role to increase the benefit of the single actors and the growing living bridges planet.

LIVING BRIDGES Planet – mind map of core ecosystem as of today

Click on the mind map to get there and find the details and updates of the ecosystem.

Every bridger is invited
Please engage with ideas on the quora question: How can we use the huge wealth of the Living Bridges network for good? – The question is targeted on concrete tools, platforms, media and event formats, whether proven by your experience or innovative and promising! To improve exchange, matching and sharing, to foster sustainable collaborations and mentoring. We need not reinvent the wheel, it is just great to communicate, extend and improve the “Changemakers Toolbox”. With this in mind now I want to share the special collection, that Floris Koot has started on Pinterest. See the growing collection of changemakers there! Thanks for the work, Floris! – Just go to this pinterest collection and browse the worldwide change tribes!

Change Tribes around the World (Pinterest) – Visible movements. Add more!

(post by: Willi Schroll, web team + social foresight network)

Update 2012-08-01
Clarified the last two sentences about the pinterest collection. Modiefied graphics “Eight forms of capital”. Adding quotation marks to the (ironic) title 🙂