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Social Capital World Forum – Living Bridges – first videos

I. Video capture of the start of SCWF 2012
Video of the start on March 15th. The two founders Colin Campbell and Dr Manfred Hellrigl talking about the beginnings and the ongoing activities of SCWF.

Dr Manfred Hellrigl around 11m15s: After the team studied the process of real successful changes in society, they found the importance of the mechanisms of self-organisation.

“If you really want to do a powerful work, you should never deliver solutions, but encourage people to take over responsibility and find their own way”

Colin Campbell around 26m00s about the conference/SCWF:

“conference is like a global village” … “opening up the opportunity for people in the world” … “to do their own thing at local level as well”

End of the video, around 30m00s: Integrative artist Joy Lohmann (Germany) in video interview about the global project ASAP-Island, connecting art with social capital – actually conceiving art as “the best social capital”, since art is connecting people.

II. Inspiring video to understand the motto of this year

Update 2012-04-11: Deleted the video link since the former web address was no longer valid. Changeld title a bit. Embedded the #SCWF12 video and adding explaining text. (Willi)


4th Social Capital World Forum starts March 15th

Welcome to the 4th Social Capital World Forum

Hey, we spontaneously decided to have a hub for the information and activities around the Social Capital World Forum 2012. You will find the basics under the category tab “SCWF 2012” in the horizontal navigation above.

In retrospect: Social capital dynamics – the example of local-global JellyWeek 2012

Meanwhile we entertain you with an interview with Bert-Ola Bergstrand (appearing at ca. 1:45) done during the worldwide JellyWeek 2012, an event celebrating the emerging culture of coworking – with a growing number of coworking spaces around the world. It happened in January 2012 and a lot of social capital dynamics emerged from this global decentral event: New worldwide connections, motivation push and new projects.

EPISODE 3: Jelly Week from Bergsjön Interconnected, Sweden